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Gardening Tips

Posted by on May 25, 2016 in Gardening, Landscape Ideas, Lifestyle |

Do you love to garden?

Is the thought of freshly grown fruit, vegetables and flowers appealing? If so, then you are going to love the information you will find here. We also love gardening, landscaping and anything that has to do with the outside world. From tools and resources to information and personal accounts, you will find invaluable information here that will help you enjoy your time outdoors even more.
It is important to come back often and also interact with other readers in the comment section. You will likely be able to find quite a bit of quality information from other users of the site.

Tips for Growing Healthier Gardens

68C4uF5NHere you will find countless tips regarding how you can achieve a healthier garden than ever before. We consult with some of the top gardeners in the country and then bring their tips and advice directly to you. From ways to get rid of insects to achieving bigger squash and tomatoes – if it has to do with gardening, you will find information here.

How to Budget for Gardening Supplies

Another important consideration that has to be made is how you will afford the gardening supplies that you need. From soil and tools to mulch and the plants themselves, this hobby can become quite costly. The good news is there are a number of resources available to help you cover these costs and ensure you can get the supplies you need. We will always let you know some tips you can use to save some money while still ensuring you have a great looking and healthy garden.


Landscape Ideas and Plans

Gardening is not the only part of outdoor life you may love. If you are interested in creating a unique landscape in your back or front yard, we offer you help with this, as well. Here you can find pre-designed landscape plans as well as detailed lists of exactly what you will need to duplicate the look. If you are ready to update or change your landscape design, then look no further than the information, tools, and resources that are highlighted here.

Hiring a Professional

landscape-gardening-service-300x200Are you interested in hiring professional landscape or gardening services for your project? If so, we offer a number of tips and other information to help you find the best professional for the job. There are countless people out there who can provide assistance, so knowing what to look for will help you find the right one for the job.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to your landscape or gardening needs, it is essential to take some time to find out all you can. Being informed and educated will help you make the most of your time outdoors. We will be constantly updating the information on this site to keep you informed and updated about what is going on.

Let us help you reach new gardening abilities and learn a few tips and hacks you may not have thought of before. Our goal is to make your life easier and help you budget your time and money to optimize your garden and landscape area. We are dedicated to the gardening and outdoor lifestyle and want to provide you with the latest and greatest information available.

Straight Edge Lifestyle

Posted by on May 25, 2016 in Lifestyle, Straight |



A straight edge lifestyle is a branch of a hardcore punk lifestyle that prohibits individuals from engaging in the use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs like cocaine, marijuana, or heroin. Individuals who engage in an extreme straight edge lifestyle also refrain from casual sex, are vegans or vegetarians, and refuse prescription drugs or legal substances like caffeine.


What is a Straight Edge Lifestyle?

mqdefaultIf an individual identifies as straight edge, it means they have made a conscious decision not to engage in activities involving drinking alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco, or using illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin. Rather than someone who just decides those activities are not for them, the association with the straight edge lifestyle is part of a movement and pledge to keep away from those substances. Those who identify as straight edge may also refrain from engaging in casual sex or remain abstinent until they are married.


For more extreme straight edge individuals, animal products may also be eliminated from the diet, again as part of a movement. The choice to go vegan or vegetarian is often a pledge for animal rights and to eliminate their association with the cruelty often found in animal food services. Those extreme straight edge individuals may also avoid products containing caffeine and look to cure illnesses or conditions with natural remedies rather than prescription medications from a doctor.


Straight Edge Lifestyle and Punk Rock

While not everyone who refrains from using drugs, alcohol, or tobacco needs to be considered straight edge, the development of a straight edge lifestyle came largely from the punk rock scene in the 1980’s. Between the desire to have underage fans visit clubs and a desire to prove that not all punk rock fans were drug-users and hoodlums, various punk rock groups decided they would start a movement to remain sober.


harry2-e1432429482342As more and more musicians decided to prove that they were living a clean lifestyle, the movement caught on to the fans and crowds who visited their shows. The movement made it clear that those who listen to punk music or visit punk shows are not the party-goers they had been perceived to be, and the extremism of eliminating all toxins and substances from their lifestyle showed that punk fans are not just looking for a high. Through the straight edge movement and adapting a straight edge lifestyle, punk listeners and musicians proved they were advocates, upstanding citizens, and tolerant of progressive thinking.


Individuals who associate themselves as straight edge do not always maintain their pledge for their entire life. Many choose to make the promise during their teen or young adult years when the peer pressure to engage in drinking or drug use is frequent. It may also only stick around while the individual is involved in the punk rock scene. Once they begin listening to new music or going to shows less frequently, they may feel they are pulled away from the movement and no longer follow the practices.